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    The conference is succesful if the organizers accumulate enough
    materials in advance
    (interviews, videos and reviews).

    Check the results:
    * Discussion topics and logs: http://os2.guru/en/index.php?action=materials
    * Interview: Discussing Re-energizing OS/2 with Lewis Rosenthal -- http://ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=303

    Contunue discussion of important topics:
    * Do you have troubles with brightness change on your laptop? ACPI
    ticket -- http://trac.netlabs.org/acpi/ticket/599
    * What application / utility do you miss?
    * Do you have Thinkpad with touchscreen? T400s, T410s, Twist, T420s,
    etc. What is USB ID of the touchscreen?

    Mistakes of OS/2 GURU 2014/07:
    * Two or more people should work on the program of the conference.
    * Two or more people should moderate the conference.

    * This article influenced on us so OS/2 GURU Jam Session was initiated: ACCEPTING MEDIOCRITY IN COMPUTING
    - Just because you use Microsoft products, doesn't mean you are "state
    of the art."


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