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    Version 1.68 of Major Major is now available from
    or from
    or from Hobbes incoming.

    Major Major is a mailing list manager, that lets you create and manage
    multiple e-mail discussion lists.

    (It is not spamming software, because it allows list members to
    unsubscribe. In any case, we retain the right to take retaliatory
    measures against anyone who uses it to send unwanted mail.)

    The latest version has two significant changes.

    1. The ability to break up outgoing mail into small batches, each for a
    subset of list members, to deal with deal with mail servers that do not
    respect the RFC rules about number of mail recipients. Making the batch
    limit small is inefficient, and creates a higher load on mail servers,
    but might be needed to deal with hostile servers.

    2. An option for DMARC compatibility. DMARC is a "standard" implemented
    by spammer-friendly mail providers such as AOL and Yahoo, which has the side-effect of making life difficult for mailing lists. You might need
    this option for lists whose members are unable to receive list mail.

    -- Peter Moylan mailto://peter@pmoylan.org


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