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    Does ACPI driver work on your computer / laptop?

    Post reports via web-form -- http://ecomstation.ru/support.php

    The results are published here: http://ecomstation.ru/projects/acpitools/?action=hardware

    1) From:
    * Your name, email
    * SHOW your name / or HIDE it
    * email is always hidden and not recorded for mailing lists
    * ACPI version: 3.21, 3.22. Old versions are not supported

    If it works fine then post positive short report:
    1 or 2 lines of text:
    %version% / %model of computer% / %boot with ACPI% / %works with ACPI%

    ACPI 3.22.x / Thinkpad T61 / boots fine / works fine, suspend/resume - no, ..

    3) If computer hangs with ACPI driver.
    and boots fine without ACPI.
    ACPI 3.22.x / Thinkpad T430 / doesn't boot / none

    What is the reason to collect this short reports?
    * We don't have information about current level of ACPI support.
    it works fine for many computers but we don't see negative reports.

    * The users are lazy to post detailed reports.
    To attract attention of users and make them share full reports
    it's necessary make many efforts, organize the process.


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