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    From: davidDESPAM@DESPAM88watts.net

    I have released version 11.05 of the USB drivers for eComStation.

    This driver package is available for download from the eComStation BetaZone.

    The change highlights are:

    1. Isochronous transfers work now (thanks to Wim Brul)

    2. I have included some of the class drivers in the distribution. Previously only the HC drivers and USBD were included. These class drivers should be exactly the same as what is already shipped with eCS. They have just been recompiled and the version numbers have been updated. This is the first time some of these drivers have been released in this way. Please open a ticket
    if there are problems.

    The 11.xx drivers undergo at least a week of QA testing before being released. They are considered reliable and stable.

    More information about the USB drivers can be found at:


    You can download this new release from the eComStation BetaZone.
    First log in at http://www.ecomstation.com then click Access the BetaZone.

    You can report problems at:


    David Azarewicz

    For a choice in the future of personal computing, Join VOICE - http://www.os2voice.org

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