• [VOICENWS] Drivers: New USB host controller drivers: usbhcd195.zip

    From madodel@1:3634/1000 to All on Thu Sep 12 08:46:33 2013

    From: Lars Erdmann <lars.erdmannDESPAM@DESPAMarcor.de>

    I have updated the USB host controller drivers
    I have now placed these on hobbes. http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/incoming/usbhcd195.zip

    They will eventually make it into directory:

    1) USBEHCD:
    a) I hopefully fixed the init hang issues that popped up with 10.194.
    The specific problem only seems to surface on W4 kernel with no PSD
    loaded. In any case it should now just work ok on W4 kernel without PSD.
    Report back if it doesn't. I have no W4 system without PSD to test, sorry.
    b) Wim Brul has now finished support of isochronous devices (that is:
    devices with a steady data transfer rate like webcams for example).
    This is the first time EVER that isochronous transfers for USB 2.0
    devices have been supported under OS/2.

    2) USBOHCD: see USBEHCD, point a)

    3) USBUHCD: see USBEHCD, point a)

    3) USBD: a change had to be made because of USBEHCD, point b). Make sure
    you use this (or a newer version if available) of USBD.SYS if you want
    to use isochronous USB 2.0 devices.

    4) USBRESMG: nothing, just increased version number


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