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    PSPRINT is an updated, experimental version of the OS/2 PostScript driver. This
    is the fourth release, version number 30.904.


    While still technically described as a 'preview' release, this version
    should be noticably more reliable than previous ones. For this reason,
    the release is being announced publically, and has been uploaded to Hobbes. (I do not, however, promise it to be perfectly bug-free.)

    Besides a number of small fixes designed to improve compatibility with CUPS, PSPRINT's signature feature is support for TrueType font embedding.
    The included README file contains a fairly detailed technical description of what this is, but here's what it does in a nutshell:

    * Print quality should be noticeably improved when using TrueType fonts
    (on PostScript printers which support this feature).

    * Printing may be somewhat faster (when printing jobs with TTFs, again,
    on printers which support this feature).

    * Using this driver to generating PostScript files for conversion into
    PDF (for example, using ePDF, GhostScript and/or PMPDF) should result
    in smaller, higher-quality files with better search support.

    * Several fixes to improve CUPS compatibility are included (it includes
    all changes previously made to ECUPS.DRV, plus some new ones).
    You do need to configure your printer options properly to see some of these improvements: see the README for details.

    PSPRINT is compatible with CUPS; however, it is also designed for direct printing to PostScript-compatible printers.

    -- Alex Taylor

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