• [VOICENWS] Drivers: New USB host controller drivers: usbhcd191.zip

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    From: lars.erdmannDESPAM@DESPAMarcor.de

    I have updated the USB host controller drivers

    I have now placed these on hobbes. http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/incoming/usbhcd191.zip

    They will eventually make it into directory:

    1) USBEHCD: setting speed (/S: switch) back to the default of 8 (if /S:
    not specified). Unfortunately, a "chkdsk x: /F:3" against a HPFS
    formatted stick will otherwise lead to problems.
    Everyone who had problems with USBEHCD.SYS should now either run with
    /S:8 or not specify /S: switch at all. You can experiment with lower
    values (/S:4, /S:2, /S:1) to see if that will still work on your system. USBMSD.ADD would need updates in order to be able to queue transmission requests and therefore increase the throughput.
    Currently it will only issue a transmission once the preceding
    transmission has finished.
    Other fixes were made to allow to attach USB mice and keyboard to
    external USB hubs.

    3) USBD: reset external USB hubs before powering on ports. This should
    fix some problems where devices plugged into external hubs won't
    properly attach.

    4) USBRESMG, USBUHCD, USBOHCD: nothing, just increased version number

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