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    That the danis506.add IDE driver is not working on some old systems. It
    has received maintenance to fix some bugs that have been reported and
    that broke some stuff it seems. If you have not done so yet, please
    report a bug in the bug tracker. Also check the eComStation bugtracker
    if the defect you have is already open. Thats saves us some time!

    In broad lines the following issue's have been found and are being
    worked on.

    * On some older systems the DANIS506.ADD driver does not see the CD ROM
    and/or HDD. Regression in the code needs to befixed.

    * Some systems the OS2AHCI driver does not show the hard disc or you
    get an LVM error. Both items are under research and if the people that
    reported the problem can follow the instructions we will be posting in
    the bugs over the next couple of days we should be able to fix these

    * On some systems the USB driver don't work. eCS 2.2 ship with new USB
    host controller drivers and new mouse and keyboard drivers. Again over
    the next couple of days we will we will post information that we hope will follow to we can debug these
    issue's. Again remote stuff remotely is not easy but we will make it as
    easy as possible.
    One benefit compared to the IBM USB driver is that the new USB drivers
    contain tracing facilities
    Its of no use to release a new beta RIGHT now. But the problem with
    Genmac not installing correctly with the beta has been resolved and the
    fix in CVS. Also the some problems in the NAPS GUI (MPTS replacement)
    and the CUPS wizard are partly/are being worked on. So your bug reports
    are useful! But some bugs take more time to fix then others.

    The problem with OS2AHCI and LVM not working is already being looked in. So please stay tuned to your mailbox for feedback from our techteam. And as always
    when possible provide \var\log\instlog.zip. That is a treasure room for us with

    Roderick Klein
    Mensys B.V.

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