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    EDM/2 is the premier site to find OS/2 and eComStation software development information.

    Here is some news about the site.

    Non-EDM/2 Republished Articles

    There are several OS/2 and eComStation programming articles floating around. When the authors authorize to republish their articles under the Creative Commons license, it can be included on the wiki and the most important thing of
    all, there are clear rules to create derivative works.

    The re-published articles on the EDM/2 wiki are:

    Moving Up to VisualAge C++ From CSet++ by Roger E. Pett and Joel Troster (August 1996)

    OS/2 Debugging in Style by Chris Matthews and Dave Evans (August 1996)

    Accessing Databases Using Java and JDBC by Fernando Lozano (July 1998)

    SGML and OpenDoc - Bento by Matt Timmermans (September 1995)

    Using the IBM Developer API Extensions for OS/2 Warp by Todd Crowe (April 1996)

    Using the OS/2 Tutorial Framework by Mike Kaply (August 1995)

    OS/2 device driver interrupt processing and the kernel by Joseph Nord (December 1, 2008)

    IOCTL90 - OS/2 Ioctl90 Multimedia Mixer - Official API Definition by Joseph Nord (August 9, 2003)

    LPTIDC - How to share Parallel port with the OS/2 printer device drivers by Joseph Nord

    EXENAME - How to query fully qualified name of current executable from program
    source by Joseph Nord

    DrDialog, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love REXX by Thomas Klein

    Part 1 (September 2002)

    Part 2 (October 2002)

    Part 3 (November 2002)

    Part 4 (December 2002)

    Part 5 (January 2003)

    Part 6 (March 2003)

    Part 7 (April 2003)

    Part 8 (May 2003)

    Part 9 (July 2003)

    Part 10 (September 2003)

    Part 11 (January 2004)

    Part 12 (April 2004)

    Part 13 (June 2004)

    Part 14 (June 2005)

    Workplace Shell and DSOM: Together at Last by Eric Osmann (January 1995)


    There is also some non-Creative Commons development related articles/publications that the EDM/2 wiki links to.

    This month it had been included the following links.

    What is OpenDoc? - Apple Computers - 1996

    OpenDoc End User Overview - Apple Computers - 1996

    Overview of SOM by AIXpert (August 1995)

    IBM's System Object Model (SOM): Making Reuse a Reality by IBM (July 7, 1994)

    Dynamite business systems with DSOM and OpenDoc by Larry Baptist (16 Sep 1996)

    Object-Oriented Programming with SOM/6000 By Debora Blakely-Fogel AIXpert (June 94)

    The System Object Model (SOM) and the Component Object Model (COM): A comparison of technologies from a developer's perspective by IBM (July 7, 1994)

    SOMobjects Developer Toolkit and Workgroup Enabler: Making reuse a reality by IBM

    SOMobjects for OS/400 by IBM

    A Close-Up of OpenDoc by Kurt Piersol (June 1994)

    Developing With Java(TM) by Herman Rodriguez and Miguel Sang (August 1996)

    Developer Connection: Spinning Our Web by Stacey Miller (August 1996)

    Inside the Next Release of OS/2 Warp by Cathy Longenberger(August 1996)

    Connect Your Data to the Web with Net.Data by John E. Peterson(August 1996)

    Network Computing: Get Ready for the Next Wave

    Attention DB2 Developers(August 1996)

    Get Educated--Enroll Via WWW(August 1996)

    Digital Sound Music Interface for OS/2 Adds Multichannel Support for Multimedia Applications (August 1996)

    Simplify Pen Application Development by Bryan Dobbs (August 1996)

    Introducing the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp Version 4 by Jill Simula and
    Robert Spinneweber (August 1996)

    TeamConnection for OS/2: More Than a Source Code Library by Lee R. Perlov (August 1996)

    Secure Your Enterprise by Donna Skibbie and Lee Terrell (August 1996)

    DSS--We have your Size By Dave Bachmann (August 1996)

    Tips Techniques - Tips on Using DSS Threads (August 1996)

    Extend DB2 Beyond the Ordinary by Ed Ort (August 1996)

    SMARTsort Just Got Smarter by Jane Shen (August 1996)

    Cross-Platform Hints (August 1996)

    Highlights on Some New Volume 11 Products (August 1996)

    Are The LAN CDs? (August 1996)

    DevCon Catalog Browser Updates Hints (August 1996)

    Professional Certifications (August 1996)

    First Failure Support Technology (FFST) - Probing for Solutions to OS/2 Problems by Tony Mueller (August 1996)

    Tips & Techniques -- Java - April 1996 (April 1996)

    Tips & Techniques -- LAN Systems - April 1996 (April 1996)

    Q's & A's - April 1996 (April 1996)

    IBM Revamps Developer Support (April 1996)

    PV--Program Visualizer Technical Information (April 1996)

    Go Cross Platform With the Developer Connection by Jackie Walker (April 1996)

    Java--An Exciting World of Opportunities by David Mounce (April 1996)

    What's New on Volume 10? by Karen Foley (April 1996)

    Finally...Software MPEG Video Playback! by Lauren Post (April 1996)

    OpenDoc for AIX by Leigh Williamson (April 1996)

    Mustering DCE Registry Objects with the Managed Object Class Library by Theodore Shrader and Gregg Wilson (April 1996)

    Strategies for Using the DCE Managed Object Class Library by Theodore Shrader and Gregg Wilson (April 1996)

    Enabling DCE Application Servers for System Management by Rick Cohen and Umesh
    Khatwani (April 1996)

    DSS Directory Services by Joe Lucas (April 1996)

    32-Bit Memory Management in OS/2 by Monte Copeland (April 1996)

    DBCS Enabling of Applications by John Howard (April 1996)

    The Power of Hyperwise by Cathy Longenberger (April 1996)

    SMARTsort: The Choice for Handling Workstation Data by Tony Gilbert (April 1996)

    PMCX: A Combined Solution by Matt Smith, Prominare, Inc. (April 1996)

    Bento Brief (1995)

    Bento Design Overview (1995)

    Happy 2nd Anniversary! (DeveloperConnection) by Barbara Britt (August 1995)

    Prepping for the PowerPC by Jeri Dube (August 1995)

    The Battleground: Software Consistency and Ease of Use by Joe Pesot and John Sweitzer (August 1995)

    What's New on Volume 8? (Developer Connection) by Karen Foley (August 1995)

    IBM Developer API Extensions by David E. Reich (August 1995)

    Understanding How OpenDoc "Ticks" Using Trace and Debug Tools by Robert Tycast
    (August 1995)

    Creating a Workplace Shell "PileOf" Class by Bernie Arruza (August 1995)

    Ultra-Fast Audio for Games and Multimedia by Linden deCarmo (August 1995)

    An Accurate Software Delay for OS/2 Device Drivers by Frank J. Schroeder and Allen Wynn (August 1995)

    Using the OS/2 Tutorial Framework by Mike Kaply (August 1995)

    Pen for OS/2 Version 1.03: Text Entry Control Data by Mario Galliano (August 1995)

    Migrating Your Source Code to OS/2 Warp, Part 3: Migration, Analysis, and Translation by Ingrid Rodriguez (August 1995)

    SMART Tips (August 1995)

    Hyperwise 2.0: Helpful Hints and Tips by Cathy Longenberger (August 1995)

    Getting Started with VisualAge C++ by John Robertson (August 1995)

    Introducing URE

    New Tool: Universal Resource Editor by Matt Smith, Prominare, Inc. (August 1995)

    Developing Games for OS/2 Warp Made Easy by Lynette Mitchell and Herman Rodriguez (August 1995)

    Tips & Techniques - August 1995 (August 1995)

    IBM Product Compatibility Program (August 1995)

    EXTRA! EXTRA! Read about the Toolkit! (August 1995)

    OS/2 Applications Benchmark (August 1995)

    Operating System Evolution by Jeri Dube and Paul Giangarra (April 1995)

    VisualAge C++. A panoramic View - by Jim Williams (April 1995)

    Evolving the Blueprint for visibility through integration by Ken Ast and John Sweitzer (April 1995)

    Setting the Stage for Object REXX scripting by Mike Baryla (April 1995)

    Hello World: Part II, OpenDoc Views and Presentation Types by Robert Tycast (April 1995)

    Workplace Shell Processes and Threads by Deepa Desai (April 1995)

    Development Tools for OS/2 for the PowerPC by Robert Spinneweber (April 1995)

    Migrating Your Source Code to OS/2 Warp, Part 2 by Ingrid Rodriguez (April 1995)

    The Road to the Final Four by Yvonne Nonte Stoetzel and Gregg Mason (April 1995)

    One Call Does It All by Monte Copeland (PM Article) (April 1995)

    Writing Multithreaded Graphics Programs by Kelvin R. Lawrence (April 1995)

    APIs and Frameworks by Robert J. Knaus (April 1995)

    Writing OS/2 Device Drivers with WATCOM C by Joseph Nord and Robert Rose (April 1995)

    Hyperwise: What's New in Version 2? (April 1995)

    Q's and A's - April 1995 by Amir Kolsky (April 1995)

    Tips and Techniques - April 1995 (April 1995)

    OpenDoc Articles by Rollin White

    OpenDoc 202: Writing a Part using PartMeister (1996-Nov-11)

    OpenDoc 201: Architecture (1996-Aug-02)

    OpenDoc 102: Embedded Documents (1996-Jun-7)

    OpenDoc 101: A Technology Frontier (1996-Jan-6)

    I want to thank all the authors that allowed their articles and documentation to be published on the EDM/2 wiki.

    Please visit: http://www.edm2.com

    Help is always welcome, contact me if you want to help me with the wiki.

    For a choice in the future of personal computing, Join VOICE - http://www.os2voice.org

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