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    Hello everybody,

    I'm sending out this email on behalf of the Mensys and Bitwise GmbH. For the people who follow the Mozilla OS/2 newsgroup its quite obvious it's taking more
    and more effort to compile current versions of the Firefox web browser from the
    Mozilla foundation.

    Also there are some stability issue's. Bitwise GmbH is working on Firefox so we
    as commuity can easly compile it again for OS/2 and eComStation.

    What will be done are the following issue's:

    * Clean up the build enviroment. with which Firefox is compiled.
    * Currently the Mozilla foundation is thinking of removing the OS/2
    support from the source code repository. The reason for this is because we have
    patches in the OS/2 enviroment
    we need to rewrite. These patches also make it difficult to compile a stable web browser.
    * What will also be implemented is IPC support. This will mean that if
    one browser tab in Firefox crashes it will not make your web browser

    The total goal is to get the current Firefox version compiling again on OS/2/eComStation.

    The amount of money we need is 8000 Euro for 3 months of full work on Firefox.

    You can buy sponsorunits via the Mensys shop: http://www.mensys.com/shop/NetlabsJava6

    While the webpage mentions only Java 6. All money will be used for the
    Firefox deveopment.
    100% of your donation will be send to Bitwise GmbH.

    Bitwise GmbH is the company that is managed by Silvan Scherrer and they worked on other open source community projects such as Java 6, QT 4, ODIN and Samba for connectivity with Windows network.


    Roderick Klein
    Mensys B.V

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