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    eComStation.RU is interested to support *new* eCS/OS/2 web-sites.

    Are you going to found a new web-site related to eComStation and IBM OS/2 Warp?

    We have collected some recommendations:

    1) Always use pictures, logos and screenshots.

    Major part of old OS/2 sites show text information only.

    Today people need full-features sites: with good editorial text, with pictures

    and videos. Conclusion: add picture to every article to attract the

    visitor read the details.

    2) Exchange links and banners with other eCS/OS/2 sites.

    Support small sites, show links to this sites.

    Support the developers of shareware software (the foundation of

    eComStaion market), show banners with Ad of eCS software.

    // The sellings of shareware for eCS don't increase because there is no exchange of commercial banners

    3) What is your foundation? Do you have a "generator"?

    If you build the site alone, without

    foundation, copy&paste news from other sites then your site

    doesn't attract the readers.

    You should manufacture some unique products (applications, services or video product)

    and use the web-site as add-on to your product, the channel of promotion.

    // Several sites closed because couldn't offer unique news

    4) Always allow comment the news and articles of your site

    so the visitors have interest to return and read the replies posted by other users.

    // Several new sites with articles were closed because the visitors couldn't comment reviews

    5) Don't try to sort the data manually.

    Post the messages day by day, add tags and keywords to every publication. Sort by date (datestamp).

    // Several OS/2 sites died because the authors have spent all efforts to re-organization.

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