• [VOICENWS] SW: File Manager/2 v3.21 released

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    FM/2 3.21.0 has been released. The file name is fm2-3-21-0.zip

    It has been uploaded to Netlabs and to Hobbes.

    Initially uploaded to:
    Eventual location:

    Search for it at:
    Initially uploaded to:
    Eventual location:

    3.21.0 Changes:
    * Search for duplicates now sorts results by filename. Ticket 8 (Gregg)
    * Since eCS includes unlock.exe I have added unlock file to the file (directory container context) menu
    so you can easily unlock a dll or exe file. Delete, copy and move operations open a dialog which allow
    you to unlock files as part of these operations. An icon is included if you wish to add unlock to a
    toolbar button. Ticket 11, 12, 357, 408 (Gregg)
    * Added information on FM/2 as a WPS replacement to help files; a few additional documentation updates.
    Ticket 55, 134 (Gregg)
    * Enhance compare directories to allow inclusion of subdirectories or use of a
    list file on opening
    Fixed failure of list file loading Ticket 145, 489 (Gregg)
    * Added a warning dialog when a delete, copy or move operation which replaces/deletes a read only file.
    Ticket 319 (Gregg)
    * The "target directory" is now a drop target for move/copy or conditionally to change the target.
    Ticket 373 (Gregg)
    * The user can now change the presentation parameters in "thread notes" and "compare directories"
    Ticket 443 (Gregg)
    * Fixed 2 reported traps. Ticket 486, 487 (Gregg)

    FM/2 Development Team

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