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    Several years ago, the URW++ type foundry generously donated a number of its professional-quality fonts to the open source community. These fonts were originally provided for use with Artifex (former Aladdin) Software's GhostScript and GhostPCL emulators.

    I have just uploaded these fonts to Hobbes in several different WPI packages.


    URW 35 PS 'Core Fonts' (TrueType):

    URW 35 PS 'Core Fonts' (Type 1):

    PREVIEW: http://www.altsan.org/fontinfo/urw_ps.pdf (324 KB)

    These are updated versions of the GhostScript font packages (specifically the "urwcyr" or Cyrillic-enabled updates released by Valek Filoppov) which I had uploaded back in 2011. This release fixes several problems and also updates to a more recent version of the fonts (urwcyr1.07-pre44, which seems to be the last version).

    This package contains these 35 Postscript-compatibility fonts:
    - "Century Schoolbook L" (4) - equivalent to New Century Schoolbook
    - "Dingbats" (1) - equivalent to ITC Zapf Dingbats
    - "Nimbus Mono L" (4) - equivalent to Courier
    - "Nimbus Roman No9 L" (4) - equivalent to Times Roman
    - "Nimbus Sans L" (4) - equivalent to Helvetica
    - "Nimbus Sans L Condensed" (4) - equivalent to Helvetica Narrow
    - "Standard Symbols L" (1) - equivalent to Symbol
    - "URW Bookman L" (4) - equivalent to ITC Bookman
    - "URW Chancery L" (1) - equivalent to ITC Zapf Chancery
    - "URW Gothic L" (4) - equivalent to ITC Avant Garde Gothic
    - "URW Palladio L" (4) - equivalent to Palatino

    NOTE: I do NOT recommend installing the Type 1 versions. I uploaded them mainly
    for the sake of providing up-to-date Type 1 builds to replace the ones I uploaded in 2011. However, Type 1 fonts suffer from a number of issues (mostly application-specific), so I strongly recommed using the TrueType versions.

    The TrueType versions are exactly the same fonts, but I have converted them into TrueType format. They should work better with OpenOffice (and possibly other applications) than the Type 1 versions.


    This is where things get a little complicated. As it happens, URW++ actually released these fonts twice: once for the GhostScript project (in Type 1 format,
    although as noted I've converted them to TrueType), and once, separately, for the GhostPCL project (in TrueType format from the start). The GhostPCL font release, however, includes the same 35 fonts, as well as a whole other set of fonts designed for compatibility with the HP PCL standard.

    So why didn't I simply provide those versions, given that they were in TrueType
    form already? Two reasons:
    (1) The GhostPCL versions do NOT contain all the extra characters (Latin-2, Baltic, Cyrillic) that the urwcyr project added to the
    GhostScript versions.
    (2) For some peculiar reason, URW decided to license the two sets
    differently. The GhostScript fonts (above) are dual-licensed under
    both the GNU GPL and the Aladdin AFPL. However, the GhostPCL fonts
    are licensed ONLY under the AFPL. The AFPL has one major restriction:
    reselling the fonts, or even including them in a commercial product,
    is prohibited.
    So the GhostScript versions are generally much to be preferred. The only disadvantage is that the GhostPCL versions actually do include a FEW characters
    which the GhostScript/urwcyr versions don't -- mostly codepage 437 extended graphics symbols (which include a few Greek letters). But I don't personally think that's a serious problem, given the otherwise much better coverage in the
    urwcyr fonts.

    That said, I mentioned that the GhostPCL collection included a larger number of other fonts: specifically, implementations of the 45 core fonts mandated for PCL compatibility. (In fact, there are 44 fonts in this set, since "Dingbats" and "Standard Symbols L" are duplicated from the Postscript set, whereas "Letter Gothic" includes one extra style. The set is nevertheless known as the "PCL 45".)
    Since this set is the only source for these particular fonts, I have taken these fonts and bundled them up into a separate package.
    URW 45 PCL 'Core Fonts' (TrueType):

    PREVIEW: http://www.altsan.org/fontinfo/urw_pcl.pdf (343 KB)

    This set includes the following fonts, suitable as drop-in equivalents to those mandated by the HP PCL standard:
    - "A028" (2) - replacement for Albertus
    - "A030" (4) - replacement for Arial *
    - "Antique Olive" (3)
    - "Clarendon URW Condensed" (only provided in bold weight)
    - "Coronet"
    - "Garamond No8" (4)
    - "Letter Gothic" (4)
    - "Mauritius" - replacement for Marigold
    - "Nimbus Mono" (4) - equivalent to Courier *
    - "Nimbus Roman No4" (4) - equivalent to CG Times *
    - "Nimbus Roman No9" (4) - equivalent to Times New Roman *
    - "U001" (4) - equivalent to Univers
    - "U001 Condensed" (4) - equivalent to Univers Condensed
    - "URW Classico" (4) - equivalent to Optima and CG Omega

    * The four fonts so marked are largely redundant. "A030" is just a slight variation of "Nimbus Sans L" designed to make it look more like
    Arial. "Nimbus Mono" appears essentially identical to "Nimbus Mono L". All three "Nimbus Roman xxx" fonts are barely-distinguishable variations of Times Roman with fractionally divergent proportions.

    -- Alex Taylor

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