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    The Weasel mail server has just been updated to version 1.82. You can
    get it from
    or from Hobbes.

    The main reason for this release is to fix a resource leak that has
    probably been present for several years, but whose existence didn't
    become obvious until some high-traffic installations ran into trouble.
    We've known for a while now that there was a problem, but this turned
    out to be an especially difficult bug to track down.

    LIST OF CHANGES since version 1.81

    Version 1.82 (19 Dec 2012)
    Fixed: poor choice of default root directory on a
    new installation.
    Fixed: a semaphore leak where some event
    semaphores were not being properly closed.
    The logging of amount of heap memory used is now
    suppressed unless "More detailed logging" is
    specified in Setup.
    Some alterations to exceptq support.
    Removed some debugging code and debug log messages.
    Default value of "when to go online" changed to
    "always". This will not affect anyone who has
    already set a value for that option.
    Added option to change the limit on number of
    recipients per outbound mail item.
    New log message when INI data are reloaded.

    -- Peter Moylan mailto://peter@pmoylan.org

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