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    Use DVD/CD Toys to burn operating system installation disks,

    to archive your data and create multimedia disks for other people.

    If you like DVD/CD Toys, please share your testimonials


    Burning audio disk from selected files:


    Please pay attention to excellent features of DVD/CD Toys:

    media can be verified after burning.

    === Whatsnew ===

    New version 1.03.00 of the DVD/CD Toys,

    * No more show error at beginning of reading from read-only devices.

    * Trying to improve detection of a capabilities of a recording device.

    * Huge execution logs are now correctly copied to clipboard.

    === Use DVD player from your Thinkpad ===

    Take DVD player from laptop, attach to any other computer via

    special USB cable. No need to spend money to new devices.

    Lenovo DVD with USB cable


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