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    Information about WSE2013: http://ecomstation.ru/wse
    Official site: http://warpstock.eu

    The conferences play important role in the life and functioning of the community. The developers and managers are working for the conference during 6 months, they are using the energy received at the conference during the next 6 months.
    Full list of previous eComStation / OS/2 conferences: http://ecomstation.ru/conferences.php

    Imagine that eComStation captured new markets and is growing.
    Why this happened? Because New solutions were developed, new libraries.
    Some interesting user interface features were introduced.
    New applications based on universal templates were created.

    So, you know what we should make to achieve the success.
    What topic are you going to research in the next 6 monthes?
    What presentation are you going prepare?
    (If you know a specialist which can work on this, send him information about the conference)
    * What changes make to User interface * What templates of applications should be developed?
    * How to join different applications to pipelines to solve more complex tasks? * How to give the 2-nd life to REXX
    * Usage of eComStation in school/university
    * (your topic)

    ===== Haarlem (tourist) =====

    Some words about Haarlem (the city which you can visit during/after the conference):

    The original train station in Haarlem Holland was called Haarlem Station. Originally constructed in 1839 to carry passengers between Haarlem and Amsterdam, the station was rebuilt in 1905-1908. Today, 6 trains per hour run from Haarlem to Amsterdam. Travel time is approximately 20 minutes.

    PHOTO: http://ecomstation.ru/pic/news/201211/haarlemcentraal.jpg

    * Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV5RVXk1NbE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDhSnejYpTI
    * Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cityguidehaarlem/page3/

    ===== Reforms =====

    (suggestions how to improve the conference; collected from visitors)

    * WSE-REFORM-201211-05: It's always difficult make good photos of the speakers.
    Let's give 30 seconds for photographers to make some photos (after/before) with selected slides in the backround.
    [this is important for good reports]

    * WSE-REFORM-201211-06: Social event (restaurant or tourist walk) should be available for all guests of the conference by default.
    People can't imagine what do they miss, it's necessary invite more people, so they get more impressions from the conference.
    Of course, the visitor can decline the invitation.
    [this is important for communication among people]

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