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    EDM/2 is the premier site to find OS/2 and eComStation software development information.

    The news with all the link are on this page:


    Here are some news about the site on the last months.

    -Non-EDM/2 Republished Articles

    There are several OS/2 and eComStation programming articles floating around. When the authors authorize to republish their articles under the Creative Commons license, it can be included on the wiki and the most important thing of
    all, there are clear rules to create derivative works.

    The re-published articles on the EDM/2 wiki are:

    REXX for Newies by Chris Wenham

    Part I (October 1, 1998)

    Part II (October 16, 1998)

    Part III (November 1, 1998)

    Part IV (November 16, 1998)

    Part V (December, 1998)

    OS/2 and Multilingual Character Sets by Alex Taylor

    Part 1 (October 2006)

    Part 2 (February 2007)

    Part 3 (July 2008)

    Java 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3--what's the difference? by Simon Gronlund (16 August 2000)

    Into Java by Simon Gronlund

    Part I (April 1, 1999)

    Part II (November, 1999)

    Part III (December, 1999)

    Part IV (Feb 2000)

    Part V (16 May 2000)

    Part VI (16 June 2000)

    Part VII (16 July 2000)

    Part VIII (16 August 2000)

    Part IX (16 September 2000)

    Part X (16 October 2000)

    Part XI (16 November 2000)

    Part XII (16 December 2000)

    Part XIII (16 January 2001)

    Part XIV (16 February 2001)

    Part XV (16 March 2001)

    Part XVI (16 April 2001)

    Part XVII (16 May 2001)

    Part XVIII (16 July 2001)

    Part XIX (16 August 2001)

    Part XX (16 September 2001)

    Part XXI (16 October 2001)

    Part XXII (16 November 2001)

    Part XXIII (16 December 2001)

    Richard K. Goran articles:

    Introduction to object manipulation in REXX (September, 1994)

    Answers to frequently asked REXX questions (October, 1994)

    Trap processing (November, 1994)

    Arrays - sequential & associative (December, 1994)

    REXX Data Queues (January, 1995)

    What's new with REXX (February, 1995)

    Welcome new REXX Users (March, 1995)

    REXX Components (April, 1995)

    Drag and drop with REXX (May, 1995)

    Creating and building your own LaunchPad (June, 1995)

    Tips & Tricks (July, 1995)

    REXX Events (August, 1995)

    File System Functions (September, 1995)

    Characters versus Lines (October, 1995)

    Build It Your Way (November, 1995)

    Where goest my True Type fonts? (December, 1995)

    Making things look pretty with REXX (January, 1996)

    Tips and Tricks from Another Source (February, 1996)

    Look What I Found On Warp Connect (March, 1996)

    Parse this! (April, 1996)

    What's an API? (May, 1996)

    LaunchPad Revisited (June, 1996)

    OK, I wrote it, now what? (July, 1996)

    Potpourri of REXX items (September, 1996)

    Info-ZIP's UnZip REXX Interface (September, 1996)

    Customizing your latest OS/2 install (October, 1996)

    Happenings (November, 1996)

    REXX on OS/2 Warp Version 4 (December, 1996)

    Identifying places and things (January, 1997)

    Introduction to Perl By Heiko Korsawe, Translation by Thomas Klein (October 2001)

    SecureIt v2.0 by Jeffrey Habets (July 1997)

    How to programmatically fight with WPS by Ilya Zakharevich (Sep 1997)

    Compiling C++ programs with EMX the Easy Way by Greggory D Shaw (October 2002)

    Sibyl, a Visual Development Environment for OS/2 by Aaron Lawrence (16 December 2000)

    How to get a free OS/2 compiler by Abram Dancy

    NewShow: A C++ DIVE Class Sample by Larry Kyrala (November 1995)

    Using VisualAge UML Designer to capture and analyze requirements by Russell Kneebone (December 16, 2003)

    Installing the VisualAge UML Designer by Russell Kneebone (November 16, 2003)

    - EDM/2 Republished Articles

    Since we are changing to a Wiki format, republishing permission allowing derivative work for the articles has to be requested. There had been good response from part of the Authors that I was able to contact. Several authors (all that I was able to contact) accepted that his articles were republished under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license to me migrated to wiki site.

    The old EDM/2 articles that were re-published to the wiki are:

    Grinding Java Article Series by Shai Almog

    Grinding Java - Introduction (May 1997)

    Grinding Java - Enhancing the AWT (June 1997)

    Grinding Java - Back to Basics (July 1997)

    Grinding Java - Searching the WWW in Java (August 1997)

    Grinding Java - Dynamic Java (September 1997)

    Grinding Java - Beans Components (October 1997)

    Grinding Java - Class files and the VM (November 1997)

    Grinding Java - Distributed Java (December 1997)

    Grinding Java - Real World Java (January 1998)

    Inside the High Performance File System by Dan Bridges

    Part 1 (November 1996)

    Part 2 (December 1996)

    Part 3 (January 1997)

    Part 4 (February 1997)

    Part 5 (March 1997)

    Part 6 (April 1997)

    ICAT: The New Remote Source-code Debugger for OS/2 by Chris Matthews and Dave Evans (May 1997)

    The Case of the Invisible Corpse by Dennis Sposato (October 1997)

    Intel Developer's Forum by Dennis Sposato

    - Books and Tutorials

    Some tutorials and Books that had been authorized to be republished on the wiki:

    Programming for the OS/2 PM in C by Rick Papo

    - Links

    There is also some non-Creative Commons development related articles/publications that the EDM/2 wiki links to.

    This month it had been included the following links.

    Reflections on Metaclass Programming in SOM (postscript) by Ira R. Forman, Scott H. Danforth (1994)

    Inheritance of Metaclass Constraints in SOM (postscript) by Ira R. Forman, Scott H. Danforth (October 1994)

    Composition of Before/After Metaclasses in SOM (postscript) by Ira R. Forman, Scott H. Danforth, Hari Madduri (1994)

    How to deal with OS/2 applications that do not understand timezones by Jonathan de Boyne Pollard (2001)

    Short TCP/IP programming tutorial for OS/2 by Daniel Ved├╕y (1997)

    OpenDoc vs. OLE 2.0. Superior by Design. A Developer's View by IBM (January, 1994)

    Approach to object security in distributed SOM. (System Object Model) IBM Systems Journal by Benantar, Messaoud; Blakley, Bob; Nadalin, Anthony J (June 01, 1996)

    OS/2 Game Developers' Report on DIVE By Chris Shabsin with Kent Lundberg (22 November 1994)

    - Extra updates

    Also lately updated:

    Tools Articles


    REXXSEM:The Reference




    JBA Guidelines

    Hockware VisPro/REXX

    Hockware VisPro/Reports

    Listed some ProLog tools

    I want to thank all the authors that allowed their articles and documentation to be published on the EDM/2 wiki.

    Please visit: http://www.edm2.com

    Help is always welcome, contact me if you want to help me with the wiki.

    I need more help with the Tools area of the Wiki.


    Martin Iturbide



    * http://www.edm2.com/index.php/News:2012-November

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