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    Workplace Sans is a TrueType font designed to resemble WarpSans to
    varying degrees (depending on configuration). It is recommended or
    required by various software, including http://OpenOffice.org, QT4, and the Mozilla family of applications. Version 0.91 is now available in
    Hobbes incoming, and at http://www.altsan.org/creative/fonts/workplace/

    In the year since the last public release, I have started studying font design more seriously. Many of the principles that I've learned
    have been applied in this latest release. These include better optical
    balance, use of ink traps, improved counter shapes, and an overhaul of
    letter spacing according to recommended techniques. (All of these are
    mainly visible at larger sizes.)

    As usual, version 0.91 is released in two versions: a "plain" version
    and a "bitmap-enhanced" version. The latter version is recommended for
    people who prefer the appearance of the classic WarpSans bitmap font
    (bitmaps are included for four point sizes in the 7-12 point range depending on
    screen DPI). The plain version will show antialiased text
    at all sizes.

    Semi-detailed list of changes since version 0.90:

    17 October 2012 (Alex Taylor) Workplace Sans 0.91
    - (Light) Added vertical overshoots.
    - (Light) A few more characters now included in build.
    - (Bold) Lightened horizontal stems a little.
    - (Bold) Added various Baltic and other characters.
    - Increased horizontal overshoots in Regular and Bold weights.
    - Upped UPM to 1024 (from 1000).
    - Smoothed and reshaped counters throughout.
    - Many glyph tweaks & improvements.
    - Reworked glyph spacing according to Walter Tracy's method.

    17 April 2012 (Alex Taylor) - not released
    - (Normal) Tweaked the tail of the 'g' slightly.
    - Fractionally increased the width of the 'N'.
    - Modified the 'w' and 'W' to bring the central vertex up to the full
    character height. (This is a slight departure from WarpSans but having
    them lower just looked ugly.)
    - Changed the 'a' (again). Now the cross-stroke is slightly higher and
    flows smoothly into the stem. The glyph shape has been changed in other
    subtle ways as well.

    -- Alex Taylor

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