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    Here is a news update from Mensys regarding eComStation. As I have written in the previous email about Warpstock Europe 2012. This will not happen. But we will have a Warpstock Europe 2013 next year in May in Haarlem again!
    Mensys moved to a new office building last year. That move has taken up way more time then we had planned :-)

    Things however have not been grinding to a hold. Our developers continue to work on improving drivers.
    There is going to a new version of eCS 2.2 coming. But we first want todo a public beta and then a release candidate before we release this version as 2.2 final.
    The modifications to the base OS are very big!

    The biggest modification is that ACPI will be switched on by default when eCS 2.2 loads from CD. The ACPI drivers is crucial to make eCS run on
    modern hardware. The test results over the last couple of months have been extremely good. Some people needed to use a lot of command line switches
    to get ACPI work properly in the past. The ACPI driver now works on just about any computer without any user action required.
    SMP support is activated automaticly if the system suppports it. We have the so
    called HLT instruction back in the SMP kernel so your CPU will remain
    cool. This works on AMD and Intel systems. If your system is running on low CPU
    usage extra CPU cores are switched off and switched back on in a blink of an eye when needed!
    A lot of drivers have also been updated for proper SMP an suspend/resume support. Like the IBMKBD.SYS, AMOUSE.SYS, DOSCALL1.DLL, TCPIP32.DLL and DANIS506.ADD.

    While not *yet* released into the public for further testing a heavily updated Panorama driver is being tested right now that will make slow
    video a thing of the past. A lot of modern systems the so called MTRR registers
    where being setup incorrectly. Resulting on some systems
    is extremely slow video. We now have a Panorama driver that also supports PAT in case Panorama can not setup correctly the MTRR registers.

    Also an heavily updated USB will be included as we move away from the IBM USB based stack.
    Basicly I'm expecting to see almost no USB keyboard or mouse fail on eCS anymore with this new USB drivers.
    Also a lot of problems should go away with slow transfers to USB attached storage.

    Also for the people that have a hang or trap when SCREEN01.SYS loads. This new eCS version will fix that!

    Expected release by the latest second week of November. To access this beta you
    will need an active software subscription.


    Roderick Klein

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