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    Alex Taylor has released a new preview version of eCups printer creation wizard, version 0.95. This is a preview version of a graphical front-end for creating CUPS-based printers under OS/2.


    New this release:
    - Hopefully fixed problem where the printer object just wouldn't be
    created on some systems. (RINSTPRN just mysteriously refused to
    install the driver in some circumstances. I've tried to circumvent
    this by installing the driver myself, and only relying on RINSTPRN
    for the device/queue and WPS object creation.)
    - You can now run CUPSWIZ on a system where CUPS isn't installed
    locally, as long as you have a CUPS server on the network. In
    this case, CUPSWIZ doesn't attempt to talk to CUPS at all, it simply asks you for a CUPS-based PPD for the printer you want
    to create, plus the address of the server and the queue name.
    This mode can be specified by passing /R on the command line;
    the program will also enter this mode automatically (with a
    warning) if a local CUPS server cannot be located.
    - Some minor cosmetic adjustments.

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