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    Well it was a matter of time before it would happen. That we would have
    one year without Warpstock Europe. Working at Mensys I see plenty of
    interest in eComStation. But as times change, so does the amount of
    time people have to volenteer for something. Two people volenteered to
    help out BTW for Warpstock Europe 2012 I would like to thank these
    people for the generous offer.

    In 2012 there will be *no* Warpstock Europe. In 2011 I organized
    Warpstock Europe with Gerrit Schoenmaker and volenteers from the Dutch
    OS/2 user group.
    This year however things have been REAL busy as Mensys has moved to a
    new and bigger office. The Warpstock Europe steering group did put out
    a call
    in 2012 asking if anybody would like to organize Warpstock Europe. We
    never received any reply. For years I mostly have been the pushing
    engine behind Warpstock Europe getting started or working with other
    people to make it happen. I tried to find time in my agenda to work
    on Warpstock Europe 2012 but had to little.

    I was planning on making Warpstock Europe happen in 2012. The first
    attempt I planned I had to move forward and was planning on making the
    event happen in November of this year. In the end I decided to move the
    event to next year.

    I can still get the event organized. But since its now that late in the
    year most people have to little time to get time time off from work.
    This is however not the deadth of Warpstock Europe! Its going to go for
    a wintersleep and it will wake up in the spring of next year.
    May 2012 we will have a Warpstock Europe again! To make certain it
    happens it will once again be helt in La Place restaurant .
    Exact date will be set later this month.

    Hope to see a lot of people next year!

    Roderick Klein
    Mensys B.V.

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