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    Weasel, a mail server for OS/2, has now been updated to version 1.81.
    You can obtain it from
    or from
    of from Hobbes.

    Because the many intermediate versions since version 1.80 have been made available only to members of the Weasel mailing list, the list of
    changes is rather large.

    LIST OF CHANGES since version 1.80

    Version 1.81 (8 Sep 2012)
    Fixed: Weasel was not unhiding the files in the
    'forward' directory on startup.
    LoadINI and DumpINI are no longer included in the Weasel
    distribution. You have to download GenINI separately.
    (Luckily, GenINI does not often get updated.)
    The "fetch last" POP option is now obsolete. POP clients
    now see all of the messages on the server, rather
    than the first or last 512 messages.
    Fixed: an uninitialised pointer that was causing a
    crash on some POP fetches.
    Added log message that identifies the domain that an
    SMTP outbound thread is trying to reach.
    Fixed a stack overflow on USER command.
    Some extra log messages for SMTP outbound.
    Removed the obsolete "POP fetch starts with most recent"
    checkbox from the Setup program.
    New policy: 5-second delay added before closing the
    connection from a blacklisted client.
    Setup now accepts new command-line parameters. See
    the manual for details.
    Policy change to accommodate servers that do
    greylisting: when sending out mail, we don't try
    the relay backup host until the fifth retry.
    Removed some obsolete code, cleaned up the POP data
    Change to the interval between retries.
    For SMTP outbound mail, authentication is not used
    unless there is a relay host. The Setup notebook
    and manual have been updated to make this clearer.
    Fixed: when a backup relay is configured, the relay
    was not always used, so some items remained
    Added: extra log line to show whether SMTP authentication
    for outgoing mail was successful.
    Removed code for the obsolete "POPFetchLatest"
    option, an option that allowed fetching mail in
    a nonstandard order.
    Some minor changes to logging.
    Fixed: crash on USER command when TNI file used.
    Fixed: the next message number was not being updated
    in INI or TNI file.
    Fixed: in TNI mode, a zero-length WEASEL.INI was
    being created if it didn't already exist.
    Startup operations more carefully sequenced to take
    into account task interdependencies.
    Fixed: crash if INI or TNI file was missing.
    New approach to dynamic control of the number of
    Send_NN tasks.
    Fixed: the wrong number of Send_NN tasks were
    being started.
    Change: you can now change the number of these tasks
    (in Setup) without having to restart Weasel.
    Build level information added to weasel.exe. (So
    you can now find out its version number by
    running "bldlevel weasel.exe".)
    Fixed: the transaction log was not being cleanly closed on exit.
    Policy change: transaction log now updated every minute
    instead of once every 15 minutes.
    Fixed: error when trying to write a number in too
    small a field size.
    Fixed: crash caused by missing CRLF in input line
    or input line that is longer than the standards allow.
    Fixed: we accept neither mail nor logins for an
    account that has been marked inactive.
    New protection against dictionary attack: when there
    are too many password errors, the client IP
    address is blocked for 10 seconds.
    Misc changes to reduce stack usage.
    The "status" thread that was putting three counts to
    the log has been removed. It was created to track
    down a memory leak, but it never found one.
    New script "ban.cmd" added to tools directory on web site.
    (But not to zip file.)
    Converted many "value" string parameters to "var".
    Corrected a spelling error in looking up "OurHostName"
    in the INI or TNI file.
    Fixed: incorrect handling of option to forward mail
    for a local user to another address.
    Minor update to kernel stack shifting code.
    Fixed: Setup was crashing if SETUP.INI did not exist.
    Updated Spanish language file.
    Fixed small memory leak in TNI handling.
    Added log message to show how much memory has been
    allocated for TNI data (but only if extra logging
    is specified and we are in TNI mode).
    Added a "-i" parameter to explicitly turn off
    TNI mode.
    Fixed: Setup crash in TNI mode if MailRoot changed.
    Added file WEASEL.FMT, for more readable layout of
    TNI files if DumpINI is used.
    Added check for accessibility of DOMAIN.INI
    when clearing a recipient list.
    Fixed: after dropping a new font on a Setup
    notebook, the notebook sometimes reverted to
    the old font on exit.
    For consistency, Setup now saves its own options in
    Setup.TNI if running in TNI mode. Note that this
    implies that you can have two independent sets
    of fonts and window positions depending on whether
    you start Setup in INI or TNI mode.
    Added logging of heap usage, as a check for
    memory leaks.
    Removed OldDumpINI and OldLoadINI from the distribution.
    These programs are now officially obsolete.
    Added exceptq handling.
    Fixed: Two semaphore leaks.

    -- Peter Moylan mailto://peter@pmoylan.org

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