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    The resellers of eComStation play important role in eComStation promotion,

    please support your local reseller

    (Full list of eComStation resellers -- http://ecomstation.com/where_purchase.phtml).

    === 1. Computers with eCS (OS/2 Warp) pre-installed ===

    * eCo Shop offers ThinkPad X300 with eComStation pre-installed (WiFi adapter is

    (Full list of eComStation resellers -- http://ecomstation.com/where_purchase.phtml?url=nls/en/content/preloaders.html&title=Preloaded Systems)

    === 2. SSD disks and Flash disks ===

    * (USA) ERA Computers & Consulting offers

    16 GB USB Flash Disks (Thumb Drives) with a Fat32 partition that works with eCS


    announcement -- http://www.os2world.com/content/view/21844/2/

    * (Russia) eCo Shop offers SSD disks with eComStation pre-installed.

    === 3. Shareware apps (for organizations) ===

    There are more than 60 actual commercial/shareware applications for eComStation.

    Contact your reseller to buy N licenses to reduce the expenses.

    === 4. Coming conferences, exhibitions and fair ===

    [No news]

    === 5. Subscription ===

    Contact your eCS reseller to prolong eCS Software Subscription and

    get access to the latest Drivers and Software updates.

    === Contacts ===

    To become eCS reseller/agent visit ecomstation.com


    For a choice in the future of personal computing, Join VOICE - http://www.os2voice.org

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