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    I want to share the little updates made to EDM/2 wiki on the last months.

    Visit: http://www.edm2.com

    After updating the design and organizing the article categories I had included
    the following:

    1) Reposted other articles and material under Creative Commons license:

    - VisualAge C++ Tips by Dave Briccetti

    - Get Usenet News Articles Using REXX, Network News Transfer Protocol and Sockets by Dave Briccetti

    - Send Mail to an Email List with REXX, SMTP and SocketsΓÇÄ by Dave Briccetti

    - Use DosAllocMem for Boundary Overflow Protection by Dave Briccetti

    - Dave Briccetti Programming SamplesΓÇÄ by Dave Briccetti

    - Process Control/Pipe Tutorial‎ by Jóhann 'Myrkraverk' Óskarsson

    - VIO Tutorial (Hello, World)‎ by Jóhann 'Myrkraverk' Óskarsson

    - OS/2 Warp ReviewΓÇÄ by Howard GilbertΓÇÄ

    2) Republishing Permission

    Since we are changing to a Wiki format, republishing permission allowing derivative work for the articles has to be requested. There had been good response from part of the Authors that I was able to contact. Several authors (all that I was able to contact) accepted that his articles were republished under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license to me migrated to the article.

    I want to thank:

    Frank MatthijsΓÇÄ for:

    - WPS Programming the Easy Way - Part 1ΓÇÄ

    - WPS Programming the Easy Way - Part 2ΓÇÄ

    3) Links

    There is also some non-CreativeCommons material that the EDM/2 wiki points to. This month it had included the following links.

    - OpenGL OS/2 Developer reference guide

    - REXX and the OS/2 Workplace Shell by Eric Giguere (Dr. Doobs) (December 01, 1993)

    - Release-to-Release Binary Compatibility in SOM Article by Ira R. Forman, Michael H. Conner, Scott H. Danforth and Larry K. Raper (IBM's System Object Model) (1995)

    4) Extra updates

    Open Source Software DirectoryΓÇÄ. I created this wiki page to list and reference what OSS software we currently have available under OS/2 and eComStation. Currently there are only OS/2 drivers listed, but I hope to grow this page in the future.

    Is there any OS/2 programming article that you want to see migrated or linked from EDM/2? Contact me.

    Any help is welcome, please contact me.

    Martin Iturbide


    * http://www.edm2.com

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