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    Desktop Maintenance Tool (DMT) Version 0.90 is available on the eComStation BetaZone. This is a recently added utility to automatically maintain the WorkPlaceShell INI files. It is intended to run from the config.sys and normally requires no user intervention and almost no configuration. It will check, clean and backup your ini files for easy recovery, when needed. Current version is distributed as a zipfile, please refer to the enclosed dmt.txt for installation instructions. Please be sure to back up your os2.ini and os2sys.ini files before installing this utility.

    Changes in v0.90:

    * better detection of the Desktop when is missing
    * better handling of files with multiple handles
    * better handling when moving objects to the RecoveredObjects folder
    * a new option (/A) to analyze INIs from other machines without getting errors
    because drives and files can't be found.

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