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    Steven H. Levine has updated Rsync to v3.0.9 compiled with GCC 4.4.6 & kLibc v0.6.4. Rsync is an open source command line utility that provides fast incremental file transfer.

    eCS/OS2 specific changes:
    - Supports OS/2 extended attributes
    Enable with --xattrs
    The default is --no-xattrs
    - Supports drive letters
    - Supports OS/2 style backslashes in path names
    - Supports preserving native OS/2 readonly permissions along
    with the system, hidden and archive file/directory attributes
    Enable with --os2-perms
    The default is --no-os2-perms
    - Supports 2 second native file time resolution
    Defaults --modify-window to 1 second
    Disable with --modify-window=0
    - Falls back to shared open if standard open fails
    Allows open files to be backed up if owner allows reading

    Read the included readme.shl file for more information.



    Search: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/h-search.php?key=rsync-3.0.9-20120425-shl.zip


    Requires: libc064.dll available from

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