• [VOICENWS] Net: How to migrate to eComStation 2.1?

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    The general secret - buy new hard drive.

    If you have free hard drive then you can immediately install the system to it.

    And attach your old harddrive as secondary and get data from it step by step.


    What is the state of your computer after N years?

    * old eCS 1.x

    * trash on desktop, unnecessary WPS classes, trash after accidents.

    * documents in different corners of the disk

    * old versions of applications (major part)

    * unnecessary dll files

    What is the goal of the user:

    * Install new eCS 2.1

    * Switch to new fresh hard drive / new computer

    * collect all useful data from old eCS PC

    * restore all applications which he was using in the past

    More information about eComStation 2.1:

    * Whatsnew -- http://ecomstation.ru/ecs-rus/?action=whatsnew

    * eComStation 2.1 - The next step -- (RUS) http://ru.ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=243

    * // sorry, no english reviews, seems that eComStation is used in Russia only --

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