• [VOICENWS] SW: GBM 1.75 (Generalised Bitmap Module) released

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    From: Heiko.NitzscheDESPAM@DESPAMgmx.de

    I'm pleased to announce the availability of several updated GBM modules.

    The main improvements are:

    - Enhanced TGA codec (details see readme)

    - ZLIB updated to version 1.2.6

    - PNG codec: Update to Libpng 1.5.9 (with APNG extension patch)

    - JPEG codec: Update to IJG 8d

    - JPEG2000 codec: Update to OpenJPEG 1.5

    - RAW codec: Update to libraw 0.14.5 (based on dcraw 9.12)

    GBM.DLL 1.75 and GBM command line tools


    The Generalised Bitmap Module (GBM) is a library capable of loading and saving bitmap files in a variety of popular and less popular bitmap file formats. Programs may be written to use this code, and thus be able to access a variety of file formats without actually knowing what format the pictures are in, or any details about file format itself. It comes with a useful set of command line bitmap manipulation tools. Get package gbmos2_175_bin.zip or the WarpIN installation package (see below).

    Enhanced GBMV/GBMV2 Version 1.59


    GBMV2 is a fast and simple bitmap viewer and editor for the OS/2 and eCS Presentation Manager. GBMV is a simple bitmap viewer. Get package gbmos2pm159_bin.zip or the WarpIN installation package from Hobbes (see below).

    GBM plugin 1.46 for Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox/SeaMonkey


    This is a plugin for the Webbrowsers Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and SeaMonkey available for OS/2 and eComStation that extends them for the support of reading
    all bitmap formats supported by GBM.DLL. Get the package gbmos2plugins_lu142_moz146_bin.zip or the WarpIN installation package (see below). There is also a Mozilla XPI installer package available separately (also included in WarpIN package) which also allows automatic updating of the plugin.

    Notes for eComStation 1.x/2.x users


    Please read the installation instructions. eCS 1.x/2.x ships with an old GBM.DLL (1.12) which prevents loading of the new GBM.DLL (1.75). Please follow the instructions to use the new GBM.DLL for all programs as well as for eCS WPS
    features like bitmap previews.

    The homepage of GBM for OS/2 and eComStation



    - comprehensive documentation

    - developer tutorials on how to use GBM libs in your own programs

    - download of all sources and binaries

    Download from Hobbes





    WarpIN installation package

    (GBM.DLL, GBM command line tools, GBMV2, GBMRX, GBMDLGRX, GBM plugins, J2K codec, Doc):


    Full source code:


    Have fun,

    Heiko Nitzsche

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