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    There is a new version of ODIN on the Netlabs FTP server.
    ODIN is the Open Source project to provide a win32 API for OS/2 and eComStation. Originally to allow OS/2 users to run Windows 32 bit applications.
    Now used to port windows applications to OS/2 an eComStation. The Odin runtime is a requirement for the newest developed versions of JAVA and Flash 10 for OS/2 and eCS.

    For more information and downloads, see:


    Download: ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/odin/0.8.3/odin-0.8.3.zip

    0.8.3 (2012-02-07)
    - Add bldlevel info to all Odin DLLs and EXEs.
    - Fix "Memory allocation failure" error when loading some Win32 EXEs with
    - user32: Implement GetComboBoxInfo() needed for some apps.
    - Fix crashes in CreateIconIndirect()/CreateIconFromResource()/LoadImage()
    (seen in e.g. WinRAR).
    - wgss: Fix broken GetFullPathName() that could lead to strange behavior.
    - Add a bunch of API stubs referenced by the debug version of Flash DLL.
    - shell32: Implement SHGetDiskFreeSpace[Ex]().
    - user32: Make sure GetQueueStatus?() correctly reports QS_KEY state (this
    fixes playback in focused windows in Flash versions above 10.0.45).
    - kernel32: Implement SwitchToThread().
    - Brush up log files in Odin debug builds (human readable timestamps,
    output serialization, etc.).
    - user32: Support MIIM_FTYPE/MIIM_STRING flags properly in InsertMenuItem()
    and SetMenuItemInfo() (this e.g. fixes context menus in Flash > 10.0.45).
    - Show Odin version number in the About Odin dialog.

    Please report problems on the wiki at http://svn.netlabs.org/lucide/newticket If you need a logonto the netlabs wiki, then first go to http://www.netlabs.org/en/site/member/member.xml

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