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    Version 1.11 of the eComStation Clock Synchronization Utility (TIMESET) is now available on the BetaZone for Software Subscription Services members.

    Changes since version 1.10 include:
    - A bug fix in loading the language-specific timezone database.
    - The Product Information dialog shows some additional information.
    - The 'Synchronize Now' function now runs in a separate thread, and
    also uses whatever server and timezone settings are currently selected in the GUI (even if they have not been saved).
    - The program now checks TZ environment against CONFIG.SYS setting, and warns
    if they are different. - The Japanese language file has been updated for the current version, with various improvements. (However, some messages remain in English.)
    By default, TIMESET still uses Kai Uwe Rommel's DAYTIME client as a backend. The WPI on the BetaZone includes version 1.20, which contains both problem fixes and functional enhancements by Steven Levine, Robert Blair, and myself. NOTE: if you use the default backend configuration file (program.def) without modifications, you must use this version of

    DAYTIME. If you have an older version of daytime.exe which you prefer

    to continue using, you must edit program.def and (in the uncommented section for DAYTIME) delete the contents of the 'basic' parameter (or simply comment out the entire line).
    To enable the use of CLKMGR in place of DAYTIME, edit program.def
    with your favourite text editor. Comment out (by adding a preceding
    ';' to each line) the entire section for using DAYTIME, and un-comment
    the section for CLKMGR. The file should be readable enough for this
    change to be pretty straightforward.

    Alex Taylor
    Fukushima, Japan

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