• [VOICENWS] SW: File Manager/2 v3.20 released

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    FM/2 3.20.0 has been released. The file name is fm2-3-20-0.zip

    It has been uploaded to Netlabs and to Hobbes.

    Initially uploaded to:
    Eventual location:

    Search for it at:
    Initially uploaded to:
    Eventual location:

    3.20.0 Changes:
    * Identified mmioIdentifyFile's failure to correctly identify some files as the root cause of
    a trap in GBM.DLL. ShowMultiMedia now only checks files with known multimedia extensions.
    This will minimize but not complete prevent the problem. Ticket 402 (Gregg)
    * Add suggested drive flags for use with Netdrive drives to help file. Ticket 171 (Gregg)
    * Clarify ARCHIVER.BB2 date types and add a new one to fix displaying of .tar.gz files for Tar 1.15 and higher.
    (Requires installation of ARCHIVER.TMP -> ARCHIVER.BB2) Ticket 473, 474 (Gregg)
    * Stop loading EA.EXE's resources in high memory. This caused a trap on some machines. Ticket 470 (Gregg)
    * Fixed behavior of the duplicate hotkey warning dialog in "Commands". Ticket 476 (Gregg)
    * Fixed the failure of FM/2 to create a list file if it didn't already exist. Ticket 477 (Gregg)
    * Fixed missing file size after copy in compare directories. Ticket 479 (Gregg)
    * Extract called from the popup menu would fail if the archive file name contained a space. Ticket 480
    * Selecting "View" in the View Help Files dialog failed to open the selected file. Ticket 481 (Gregg)
    * Fixed command line quoting. Ticket 475 (Gregg)
    * The thread notes window now reopens on startup if it was open at shutdown. Ticket 482 (Gregg)
    * Fixed a trap on drag in compare directory dialog. Ticket 483 (Gregg)
    * Fix missing icons on archive and multimedia files. Ticket 484 (Gregg)
    * FM/2 only opens either the scan error or select dialog on a drive scan error
    not both. Ticket 485
    * Code cleanup to try to increase drive scan speed. (Gregg)

    FM/2 Development Team

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