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    ACPI - is the locomotive of eComStation: it initializes the computer, executes some functions of system kernel, allows to manage the devices of computer.

    New version of the driver surpasses old versions:

    eCS automatically boots in SMP mode, you get working sound and network without
    headache (there were troubles with previous versions). Debug code is removed, critical bugs are fixed.

    We have collected the 1-st reports about testing of new version here:


    (successful reports are marked with green color).

    Known issues with ACPI 3.19.14:

    a) don't de-install the driver, this may cause remove of some drivers.

    If system doesn't boot then try switches. If all attempts failed then remout

    the driver in CONFIG.SYS. Send the report to bug-tracker,

    Read more about ACPI 3.19.14 -- http://ecomstation.ru/commentnews.php?id=2050

    eCo Software recommends migrate to new ACPI version.

    Kem Cheung (Serenity Systems) ordered the development of ACPI driver from eCo Software in 2002. We started the research of the topic, the development started in 2005, the latest version 3.14 was released in the end of 2008. New developer David Azarewicz (USA) started work in 2011. The code is improved, the
    driver follows the standard now.

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