• Synchronet logonlist module

    From Digital Man to All on Sun Sep 27 18:52:22 2020
    If you've upgraded to Synchronet v3.18b, double check that SCFG->External Programs->Fixed Events->Daily Event is set to '?logonlist -m'. If it is not, then your "logons today" list (data/logon.jsonl) won't be rolled-over daily and will just grow indefinitely (and your "logons yesterday" list may not be correct either).

    To fix this easily, either:

    1. run 'jsexec logonlist install'


    2. get the latest exec/update.js and run 'jsexec update' (or SBBSCTRL:File->Run->Update).

    If you already have a different Fixed Event->Daily Event, then you'll need to come up with another way to run 'logonlist -m' (maintenance) daily, but you do have a lot of options there (node daily event, timed event, etc.). Let me know if that's an issue.

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