• Re: Lying is an integral part of the curriculum

    From Aaron Thomas@1:275/99 to Björn Felten on Mon Oct 31 15:12:42 2022
    Sorry to make you lose your erection, but these liberal handout check were
    not part the Democrat infrastructure bills.

    The infamous "moving the goalposts" tactic. That is what you were objecting to? Did you not understand what Dale was talking about?

    I said this:

    AT> Imagine Democrats with unlimited power under a new socialist America.
    AT> will do evil stuff! Forced vaccinations, forced labor, ethnic cleansi
    AT> it's all gonna be on our menu real soon unless people like you learn
    AT> to
    AT> forgive that Republican scout master who made you this way.

    Then you said:

    And your source of this information? Another real human that has experienced it and told you the real deal in five seconds?

    So I showed proof that people who were molested by Republicans hold a grudge, and they tolerate horrible Democrat atrocities because of it. (It's also possible that a Republican may have cased them a financial problem, but nah.)

    The stuff the Republicans want to do isn't bad stuff. Democrats just want control so they can get their hands on the loot & the leashes.

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