• Mulilizer for C++ builder

    From Janis Kracht@1:2320/38 to All on Thu Aug 3 07:45:42 2000
    This is from the folks who developed Multilizer:

    ==============================Cut here======================

    To everyone who is using Multilizer for C++ Builder 5 :

    There is an incorrect file included in the package, which causes probelms with Language Manager. The file is Langman.mll , and if it is faulty the first line will look like this :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    If you have this kind of langman.mll file, please delete it. The next time you start Language Manager, the file will be automatically created correctly. =================================================================

    To contact the authors, you can e-mail them at info@multilizer.com For more info:
    * Newsgroups: news://multilizer.com/multilizer.evaluation
    * FAQ's: http://www.multilizer.com/support/kb/faq.asp
    * Knowledge Base: http://www.multilizer.com/support/kb/
    * How to -documents: http://www.multilizer.com/support/howto.asp
    * Technical Documents: http://www.multilizer.com/documents/

    Take care,

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