• Revised Election Rules

    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Sun Nov 24 11:10:40 2002
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    * Originally posted by Todd Cochrane

    Revisied Election Rules for Election Nomination Extension

    1. Beginning at 0001 on 11 November 2002 at GMT -10/Hawaiian Standard
    Time I will accept nominations for the FTSC Standing Member post.
    Nominations will be closed at 2359 on 7 DEC 2002 GMT -10.

    As outline in section 3.2 of FTA-1001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Standing members may be nominated Fidonet-wide by all of the
    following methods:

    1. Any RC or REC.
    2. A nominating committee established for the purpose by the FTSC.
    3. A nominating committee established for the purpose by the ZCC.

    A nominating committee may not consist of any current member or
    officer of the FTSC. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

    2. I will accept nominations from any RC or REC. It is not in the
    charter but as the election coordinator and being we are in a unique
    situation I will accept nominations directly from members in good
    standing. They may nominate themselves or others. The nominee will
    still have to obtain a Majority Vote

    3. All Nominations and all election business will take place in the
    FTSC_Public echo any e-mail or private netmail sent to me will be
    upon receipt be forwarded to this echo. So I am warning all parties
    any attempt to subvert this election process will be brought to the
    attention of the entire Fidonet Network.

    4. We will elect at a minimum 7 and at a maximum 30. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing members are appointed on the basis of a vote by all RCs and RECs who are nodelisted as holding those positions at the time the nominations are published. A successful candidate must receive approval by a majority of votes.

    Publication of the nomination and the voting procedure, and posting of RC and REC votes, shall take place openly in the FTSC_PUBLIC echo, and voting shall close three weeks after publication of the vote. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

    5. Candidates will be required to confirm there nomination to run. The
    election cordinator will send netmail and echomail to each nominee
    and they will be required to confirm there nomination in the
    FTSC_Public Echo. Candidates are required to confirm they want to run
    by 10DEC02 at 2359 -10 GMT

    6. I will post a voting ballot to the FTSC_Public echo on 11 December.

    7. Candidates nominated will be allowed to campaign and answer questions
    during the nomination period.

    8. Candidates must receive a majority or 50% of the vote of all RC's and
    REC's that vote.

    16 Total RC and REC Vote

    Joe Sysop #1 8-Yes 8-No <--- Elected Joe Sysop #2 7-Yes 9-No <--- Not Elected Joe Sysop #3 9-yes 7-No <--- Elected Joe Sysop #4 8-yes 2-No 6-Abstain <---Elected Joe Sysop #5 7-yes 5-No 3-Abstain <---Not Elected

    If more than 30 candidates are nominated the RC and REC will be limited to voting (Yes) 30 times. NOTE:The RC's and REC are not obligated to vote for 30 candidates. All candidates must receive a majority or 50% of those RC and REC voting to be elected. Any candidate unable to obtain a majority of 50% will not
    be elected.

    9. Voting will commence on 11DEC02 and will close on 22Dec02 at 2359
    -10 GMT Voting will be publicly in the FTSC_Public echo The TO:
    Column will be addressed to Todd Cochrane The SUBJECT LINE: Will
    have the following info Region XX RC First Last Name or Region XX
    REC First
    Last Name

    10. Results will be posted for a 2 week period upon completion of the

    11. Transition and Access to all private echo's will commence on 23 Dec
    for all elected members. Some of the Major hubs carry the private
    echo's many do not. So in many case peer to peer feeds will need
    to be established. I can help in the transition period to insure
    all members have a reliable hub to pull the private FTSC echos in
    case this is needed.

    13. 1/2 of the new members will receive 2 year terms and 1/2 of the
    members will receive 3 year terms I will work up a fair way to
    assign the term limits.

    These rules are subject to modification by the Election Cordinator.

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