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    From Pdn Hq@1:261/38 to All on Thu Sep 5 00:17:38 2002
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    Area: PDNBASIC BASIC Programming files Origin: 1:261/38 ===========================================================================
    File: hxqb45z3.zip (114kB)
    Desc: Program: Hxqb45z3.zip is the second version of Hex Editor v2.3a
    adapted for QB v4.5 and is public domain software 2002. Adds drop down
    file menu. This BASIC program and source was written by Erik Oredson
    who can be reached at the email address eoredson

    These files brought to you by the IFDC FileGate Project (service mark) =======================================================================
    File requests welcome at 1:261/38 (1-607-655-5652) janis@filegate.net http://www.filegate.net/pdnbasic/
    ftp://ftp.filegate.net/pub/pdn/pdnbasic =======================================================================

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