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    From Dan Clough@1:123/115 to Dario Figueroa on Thu Oct 27 07:52:00 2022
    Dario Figueroa wrote to Holger Granholm <=-

    ..................... Echo mail is coming in but I don't see RF>
    packets created much less going out. Using Irex, so something not RF> config right there or in pcbfido.

    Please note: I know nothing about IRex, I run PCBoard barefoot.

    I have it working now. Thanks on the QWK suggestion.

    Fido is now sending and receiving.

    Are you using the built-in Fido abilities of PCB? Not an external mailer/tosser? Have always wondered how well that worked. Way back in
    the 90's I ran PCB but used FrontDoor and InterEcho.

    I assume you're running it on 32-bit Windows and using NetSerial?

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