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    From Bill Gordon@1:123/22 to All on Sun Jan 10 14:39:37 2010
    There is a web-access BBS written in Pascal (EleWeb) and it has a problem about making the user log in again and again if he spends too much time in the message base or any other area.

    For some reason, the user is timed out if he does not jump from area to area (for example, files to messages, back to main menu, back to messages, etc.)

    The "normal" inactivity time is about 3.5 minutes, so if you are reading a message thread and finally want to make a reply, if you've been reading longer than the system thinks you were supposed to, you have to re-log.

    (Does my explaination make sense??)

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  • From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to Bill Gordon on Sun Jan 10 21:20:32 2010
    Hello, Bill.

    Sunday January 10 2010 at 14:39, you wrote to All:

    (Does my explaination make sense??)

    Yes and that'd be something to take up with someone who runs EleBBS and has the
    time and desire to fix the bug. :) I'm thinking, IIRC, that's something in EleBBS too, but since I don't run Ele, I can't say for sure. I'm really not sure who you could ask to fix that as the people who I know that run Ele aren't


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