• Info wanted on Jimmy Rose

    From Donald Tidmore@1:261/38 to All on Sat Nov 28 23:35:30 2009
    Does anyone know anything about how one can get in contact with Jimmy Rose? I lost contact with him two or more years ago. He's the guy who created the ANGEL (Atlantis ...) bbs door game toolkit that I love so much. At one time I know he was working on a new version of ANGEL but lost that in a hard drive crash. That though was info I heard over 2 years ago.

    So does anyone know anything recent about Jimmy Rose? I also know about
    his selling his Atlantis Software company and its internet domain 2-3 years ago
    to Doug Rhea. Pretty much ever since that time, its been hard if not impossible to find anything online about Jimmy.

    If Jimmy is no longer around, is Manndoor now the only pascal door games toolkit whose author still is around and who still provides support for their toolkit?

    I'm also wondering if anyone ever tried doing their own cleanup and updating of
    the DDIGM toolkit. One of the reasons I don't trust ddigm any more is that it is so old and has been abandonware for a long time. Donald

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