• BASIC origins

    From Andy Ball@1:261/38 to Vince Coen on Sun Mar 16 14:17:50 2008

    Hello Vince,

    ASB> Although Microsoft have made some popular BASIC
    > interpreters and compilers, they did not invent it

    VC> Microsoft did What?

    Note my use of "not" above ;-)

    VC> I was using Basic on a ICL 2900 in the early 70's.

    I haven't seen an ICL box in years.

    VC> Dammed if I remember why but Basic was created as
    > "Dartmouth Basic" and it may not have been the first
    > but was the 1st that I knew about.

    That probably was the original BASIC (it's an acronym,
    so should be rendered in caps). I think Kemeny and Kurtz were at Dartmouth college (in the U.S, nothing to do with the Royal Navy) when they created it.

    - Andy Ball

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