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    From Gert Koefoed Andersen@2:236/150 to All Nodes on Tue May 23 00:26:58 2006
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    Hello All!

    From this day of at the 22th of May 2006 is there come some little change for Pascal-Net there is that if a node can use to have your mailer setup and using more than 8 leter in the domain name for PAscal-net have to do this so we can have good and fine connection and all Pascal nodes using the same domain name on our system and mailers.
    Can your mailer handle more than 8 letter in domain name then use pascalnet and
    if you have a working internet system with a hostname there can be connected to
    and be then let the domain PascalNT and PascalNt be changed to pascalnet.
    Other with a working hostname and internet system there is running have to and can + shall use pascalnt

    1 = pascalnet
    2 = pascalnt

    Take care,
    Pascal-Net IC 115:115/0

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