• Monthly Rules Posting

    From Mike Powell@1:2320/105 to All on Wed Dec 6 09:58:00 2023
    The Fidonet OTHERNETS Echo Rules
    Updated 12 July 2020

    Moderator: Mike Powell (1:2320/105)

    This echo is for the posting of "othernets" advertisements.

    By your participation in this echo, you agree to the following rules:

    * All posts in here will be made from listed Fidonet nodes. You may
    post on behalf of an "othernet", however, there must be contact
    information for a representative of the network in the ad.

    * All contact information in a posted ad -MUST BE CORRECT AND
    UP TO DATE-. If I get complaints from people about an ad being
    incorrect, that ad will be considered unwanted spam which is
    against the echo rules.

    * This is not the place to get into arguements or disagreements. Please
    move all off-topic chatter to the appropriate echo or to netmail.

    * ANSI and ASCII ads are allowed in this echo, however, be aware that
    some BBS software automatically strips ANSI escape codes.

    * Please do not post more than three times a week for your network.

    * No BBS ads in here please. Those go over in BBS_ADS.

    * English is the main language of the echo since this is the moderator's
    native tongue. You may post a message in your native tongue as long
    as there is a comprehensible English translation in the same message.

    * No blatently off-topic posts, such as "test" messages, et cetera.

    * Please don't gate this echo to USENET, a mailing list, another BBS
    mail network, an online Fidonet mail archive, or anything else
    without the moderator's express and written permission. This is
    a Fidonet echo and needs to stay in Fidonet.

    * This echo does not recognize any local or regional echomail policy,
    such as EP1.

    * The moderator has the final say in dealing with problems in the echo.
    If you have something to say about a moderator's action, please
    contact him via netmail (preferred) or email.

    * This is a living document and will be adjusted as needed.

    * This document will be posted near the 1st of each month.

    * Please don't hesitate to contact the moderator with any questions
    about this document.

    Thank you for your participation in OTHERNETS!

    -- Mike Powell/OTHERNETS Moderator

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