• TribalNet

    From MissChief@1:153/147 to All on Thu Sep 1 09:31:39 2022
    | TribalNET

    TribalNet is an FTN message network run by the Kumpute Nation
    Tribal Society in partnership with the Tswec Nation. TribalNet
    is open to everyone.

    Hub = 41:1/1
    Echo domain = tribal
    Binkp Server = bbs.tswec.ca:24555
    Password = (you provide in application)
    Sysop = MissChief

    Message Base Echotag
    General Chat tribal
    Test tribaltest
    Advertisements tribalads
    Retro Computing tribalretro
    Programming tribalprog
    BBS Support tribalbbs
    Fantasy & SciFi tribalfant
    Politics tribalpol
    (more coming..)

    To get connected, send your application to MissChief on TribalNet (41:1/1)
    or via FidoNet (1:153:147). You can also send us an email to faeempress@gmail.com

    Sysop Name:
    BBS Name:
    BBS Telnet Address:
    BinkP Port:
    BinkP Session/Fix Password:

    ... Next time you wave at me, use more than one finger!

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/12/24 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: Kumpute Nation BBS (1:153/147)