• New source for Newsgroups?

    From Mike Luther@1:117/100 to All on Sun Mar 9 15:51:38 2014
    Howdy Faithful!

    On March 3rd my IP provider who has had a good relationship with Cogent for all
    their Newsgroup services for years suddenly went down the drain. My IP provider had no bad issues with their server, but even they did not know that Cogent gave up completely on Newsgroup service that day! Yes, there are a number of 'paid for' Newsgroup entities that perhaps can provide the service, but I'd badly like to have the complete OS/2 Newsgroup access without paying per month for it. I've done some research and it looks like the MIT Edu folks may be handling the complete core for this. However I do not have any at this point understanding how I might be able to simply use them for a 'server' for all this.

    Can anyone point me to an IP address where I might be able to 'log in' and recover my OS/2 Newsgroup service?

    Thank you!

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  • From mark lewis@1:3634/12.71 to Mike Luther on Mon Mar 10 21:19:40 2014

    On Sun, 09 Mar 2014, Mike Luther wrote to All:


    MikeL> Can anyone point me to an IP address where I might be able to
    MikeL> 'log in' and recover my OS/2 Newsgroup service?

    while not really on topic for the OS2PROG echo, i wish i could help... about the only thing i can suggest would be to find one of the free news servers and use that... i don't know if you are looking for read only access so you can host it on your bbs for users to read or if you are looking to be able to post as well... if posting access is needed, you may have to find an inexpensive pay
    service that allows posts from more than one person per account... otherwise, for personal use, posting and reading, any free service should be fine...


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