• gcc for os/2 ?

    From Wayne Steele@3:633/690 to All on Tue Nov 1 11:36:00 2005
    Hi All,

    Got another question is anyone running gcc for os/2? If so is anyone
    willing to try and compile sexyz for os/2? If so I can email all the
    files that maybe needed for sexyz...

    I myself got no idea on how to compile gcc stuff... Will browse around
    see if I can work it out but don't like nmy chances...

    What is sexyz?

    It's a zmodem protocol for telnet BBS's that is buitl for todays
    technology and will handles transfers of high speed much better then
    any other zmodem available for todays BBS's... It's part of the
    synchronet BBS package...

    So if anyone would like to compile it or try it atleast email me

    Lata, badnewsbbs@westnet.com.au
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