• Help with OS/2 native doorkits

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Sun Oct 10 00:50:22 2004
    (NOTE: I'm posting this in here in case someone might be able to help me...)

    Hi, everyone.

    Forgive me if this message is a little lengthy, but I'm kinda at my wit's end on this subject...

    I am wanting to write my own OS/2-native doors. I'm really not that worried about Win32 and Linux stuff, since I run OS/2, I prefer to write OS/2 stuff.

    However, I am having one hell of a problem with any doorkit using the EleCOM routines in them. What's happening is this: I run Telegard/2, which allows me to set up a user's time limit to 1440 minutes a day (24 hours). I have my personal sysop account set at 1439 minutes due to my habit of walking off and not coming back right away... :)

    Anyhow, it seems that for some reason, even though that all the kits I've tried (MannDoor, XDoor) seem to time out the user when ran remotely. I use my own account and for example, the number of seconds could be 78364 in DOOR.SYS and the door will time out using either kit.

    I wrote my own DOOR32.SYS dropfile under TG/2 using its scripting language, but even then, using that dropfile, the door timed out.

    I'm not sure what is going on here-I don't pretend to be that accomplished of a Pascal programmer, but it is disenheartening to have to sit here and beat myself up over trying to track down a bug like this.

    Note that the DOS versions of the doors I've written (using eDoor) have no problems running on my board or anyone else's, be it OS/2, DOS or Win32.

    Any and all information would be greately appreciated. Perhaps someone knows of a good OS/2-native doorkit that isn't nagware perhaps? I've hunted and hunted, to little use. dink (Tom Fotherby) once gave me his excellent OS/2-native version of eDoor, but now, for some reason, he refuses to give it to me. Oh well.

    Anyhow, if you know anything that could help me, please let me know here, netmail or email (hausmaus@darktech.org).

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