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    From Will Honea@1:106/2000 to Andy Roberts on Fri Jan 16 20:00:04 2004
    Andy Roberts wrote to All on 01/13

    Although I found no mention of OS/2, this looks like the same old
    thing, but now with a new name.

    --- Excerpt E-Mail announcement ---

    IBM developerWorks Subscription -- Annual subscription to a
    comprehensive portfolio of IBM software development tools and
    middleware (25.3KB) http://www.ibm.com/isource/cgi-bin/goto?it=usa_annred&on=204-001

    --- End Quote ---

    BTW, I recently received a private E-Mail from IBM requiring me to
    update my old PWD account to register with IBM, with a deadline of
    today, to continue with what I had before. After registering (no
    cost), I could link to what looked like the same'ol same'ol. So my assumption is this is all just the usual annual renaming IBM does
    almost every year.

    Andy, the impression that I got after jumping thru the hoop was that
    they consolidated some stuff and basically transfered a lot of stuff
    into a single password manager type of thing. There ARE some bigger
    changes on the way for the developers and partner programs - new
    structure, new membership levels, new entitlements. Along with the new
    levels of free access, there will also be paid access to at least a
    portion of the next levels w/o buying into the whole program. Downside
    is that it looks like a fair amount of what we got thru the Partners
    program and the Developers program for free will now be a paid
    subscription but hang loose on that - this is all from reading some
    advanced notifications and a couple of surveys I did for them. For
    now, the only real effect is to consolidate passwords/account names.

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