• IBM developerWorks Subscription

    From Andy Roberts@1:109/921.1 to All on Tue Jan 13 08:19:47 2004

    Although I found no mention of OS/2, this looks like the same old thing,
    but now with a new name.

    --- Excerpt E-Mail announcement ---

    IBM developerWorks Subscription -- Annual subscription to a
    comprehensive portfolio of IBM software development tools and
    middleware (25.3KB) http://www.ibm.com/isource/cgi-bin/goto?it=usa_annred&on=204-001

    --- End Quote ---

    BTW, I recently received a private E-Mail from IBM requiring me to update
    my old PWD account to register with IBM, with a deadline of today, to
    continue with what I had before. After registering (no cost), I could
    link to what looked like the same'ol same'ol. So my assumption is this is
    all just the usual annual renaming IBM does almost every year.

    Thanks and Good Luck, Andy Roberts

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    * Origin: OS/2 & Old age are better than the alternatives. (1:109/921.1)