• Updating Ogg Plug-in

    From DAVID DURGEE@1:10/345 to ALL on Sun Mar 23 07:21:00 2003
    Ogg Vorbis for OS/2 was released last July. It includes a plug-in for
    PM123 that is now supported by Dink's z! player as well. This plug-in, unfortunately, does not support streaming and thus cannot be used to
    listen to Ogg broadcasts on the web. Dink has indicated that he will not
    fix the plug-in to support streaming. Brian Havard, the Ogg porter,
    appears to have no interest or lacks the time to fix the plug-in. The
    creator of the plug-in, Sofiya, has not responded to my e-mail so I assume
    he is making no further changes to the plug-in.

    Would someone here consider adding streaming support to the plug-in? The
    source code for the plug-in is here:


    As the program ogg123.exe provided with Ogg vorbis for OS/2 supports
    streaming the source for this program should include all the needed source
    to add this support to the plug-in. This source should be available from:


    If you need it the Ogg Vorbis for OS/2 binary is available at:


    Quoting from the Readme.OS2 in the above binary about OggPlay.dll:

    oggplay.dll is a plugin for PM123 written by Sofiya <sofiya@din.or.jp>
    that I've tweaked a bit & built from the source code available from >http://www.din.or.jp/~sofiya/soft/soft_e.html

    Perhaps if you contact Brian and indicate that you are working on the
    plug-in he will let you know what the above mentioned "tweaks" are.

    If I were a "c" programmer I would take a look at this myself, but I lack
    the experience and time to become one in order to do so. Anyone out there interested?

    -- Dave

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